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Have you noticed changes
in yourself 
don’t feel like you?

While it’s normal to have reduced testosterone
with aging, the negative effects are serious,
but treatable. 
Our TOP treatment program
is safe, effective, and customized to you.

Isn’t it time to consider getting back
to the way it was?

Maybe It’s Low T?

Testosterone is a natural hormone
that your body generates
to regulate the activity
of certain cells and organs.

Having a healthy level
of testosterone is,
well, healthy!

While it is normal to have reduced testosterone
with aging, Low T is a significant disease,
and very Low T increases the risk of fractures,
and is associated with heart disease,
prostate cancer, and early death.

These are just some of the negative effects of Low T
Reduced Strength
Increased Body Fat
Low Sex Drive
Poor Sexual Performance
Lack of Interest in Work

How can we help you?

Good living does not help raise Testosterone,
and Low T may be missed if your physician
is not a specialist. The good news is,
when your body no longer produces
the healthy levels of Testosterone
needed, treatment is available.

Testosterone Optimization Program (TOP)
specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Low T

Testosterone treatment is designed to restore and
maintain healthy levels and improve your life
when your own production is too low.
When you consider how easy it is to treat low T,
not treating it doesn’t make sense.
And, Testosterone replacement is bio-identical,
and most insurance companies cover treatment.

Bring your Testosterone levels back to their normal, healthy levels with a program customized for you

The clinical staff at TOP specializes in the diagnosis and safe treatment of Low T, and testing and evaluation with TOP is free.

TOP determines your needs, creates a treatment schedule that’s unique to you, and maintains your healthy Testosterone levels.

Find out for yourself

It’s easy to regain your vigor, and feel like yourself again.

Contact us now for your free test and evaluation.

There’s no reason not to.